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Join over 6,000 Verified Influencers and get more from your Kred Domain

Verify your profile on Kred to get access to the Kred Verified Influencer Platform, including:

  • All of the benefits of Influencer Verification
    • Access to a custom .Kred domain featuring your name, handle or business name
    • Stand out amongst other Influencers with a verified ring on your avatar
    • Get bumped to the top of Influencer search results in the Kred Influencer CRM

  • Increase your Score
    Get 1,000 Influence and Outreach Points when you complete Verification

  • Stronger Online Presence with a memorable URL
    Link your Kred domain to your favorite social account or personal website, and your digital wallet

  • Shareable, custom links to your social accounts - Straight out of the box
    Link your social accounts to Kred to activate simple, memorable links for each of your profiles.
    Eg: Cameron.Kred/twitter directs you to Twitter Profile

  • Kred Influencer CRM
    Get a bird's-eye view of your audience and insights to help curate your network. Find out how influential your existing contacts really are, or search for the keywords or topics that matter to you and identify the most influential profiles on social

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  • Influencer Leaderboards
    See the ranking of Top Influencers and Thought Leaders in different Kred Communities

  • 10 Digital Business Cards
    Always up to date, your new Digital Business Cards are shareable NFTs that can be sent to all your friends. Create more as you go

Verify and activate your Influencer address on Kred to access the Verified Influencer Platform for a small annual fee of $29/yr.

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