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Create a custom .Kred Domain, and link it to a social account or website (like a .com) AND your Digital Wallet, creating a memorable address.

Upgrade with Influencer Verification.

Engaging Influencers

Find Influencers, and import, score and engage your most influential contacts with the Kred Influencer CRM.

Play Empire.Kred to meet other Influencers.

Kred LIVE for Zoom

Helps attendees discover your Virtual Events.

List your event to engage relevant Influencers using the Kred Influencer CRM and maximize engagement with Smart-Invites.


Influence and Identity

Get a Domain for your Website and Digital Wallet

Upgrade your status with Influencer Verification

Find your Kred Score and see how influential you really are


Unlock the Value of your Contacts

Your Contacts contain the Kred Experts you already know, on the Topics you care about.

Which of my friends have gone camping recently?
Where are my friends going camping?
What are my friends' favorites camping spots?
What are my friends' favorites camping gear?
Who do I know who's an Investor?
Which of my friends are financial advisors?
Who works in the finance industry?
Who is a stock market journalist?
What do my friends think are the best investment tools?

Personal Leaderboard

 #1 Catherine Young Caribbean Travel Agent 997/9 
 #2 Mark Quinn Travel Writer 947/8 
 #3 Jessica Harding Hotel Manager 773/3 
 #4 Jason Lang Professional Surfer 772/9 
 #5 Luna Rosa Kitesurfing Teacher VIEW CONTACT  
 #6 Therese Green NYC Travel Advisor 609/4 
 #7 Serge Desbiens Best Island Resorts Book Author 589/3 
 #8 Fabian Rosings Untied Flight Attendant 450/5 
Personal Investment
 #1 Bernard Stykes CEO of $100M/yr Business 922/9 
 #2 Lana Drew Snr Business Analyst 887/8 
 #3 Trevor Jones Author of 3 Business books 810/5 
 #4 Ben Wyatt Grants Officer 780/10 
 #5 Jess Lewisham Business Professor VIEW CONTACT  
 #6 Belinda Ung CPA and Tax Specialist 609/4 
 #7 Levi Yasi Business Speaker 489/3 
 #8 Dan Harding MBA Student 433/4 


Community and Engagement

Secure your brand's name on Kred - BusinessName.Kred

Find Influencers with the Kred Influencer CRM

Engage your community with NFTs


Maximizing Participation

Discover the best public events on Kred LIVE for Zoom

List your event to identify and invite relevant Influencers with the Influencer CRM

Maximize engagement before, during and after with Smart-Invites

Deliver Rewards and drive networking directly in your Zoom with the Kred Chatbot for Zoom [fa icon="play"]

Creating Culture for Remote Teams

By Startup Week

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Sarah's Puppy Training Workshop

By Sarah Delvini

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Scoring and NFTs

Add influence scores to your app with the Kred Score API

Engage your users with Kred's NFT creation and distribution APIs

Gamify community interaction with NFTs

View the APIs
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